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Angel Ortez

Meet Angel Ortez, a seasoned creative professional with a passion for capturing and communicating stories through various mediums. As a photographer, videographer, and graphic designer, their lens and artistic touch bring life to moments and concepts alike. Fluent in two languages, Angel Ortez effortlessly bridges cultural gaps, adding a unique and global perspective to their work. Serving as the Multimedia Specialist for MSCS C19 team, Angel Ortez plays a pivotal role in crafting compelling visual narratives for the school district and community. With over 15 years of dedicated service to the school district, Angel Ortez has become a cornerstone of the creative landscape, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation. Beyond technical expertise, their love for collaboration shines through, fostering a dynamic and inclusive approach to their work. Angel Ortez is not just a creator; they are a storyteller, weaving together images and designs that resonate with depth and creativity.