We are 100% committed to our audience: promoting with us is promoting with trust.

When you choose to engage in underwriting with 88.5FM, you’re not just supporting a radio station; you’re becoming a part of a community committed to quality and trust. Our dedication to our audience ensures that your message reaches engaged and loyal listeners who trust us for high-quality content. This trust is extended to our underwriters, lending your brand a halo of credibility and reliability. Moreover, our station’s diverse programming connects with a broad range of demographics, offering your organization a unique opportunity to reach various market segments.

We recognize the power of radio in forging emotional connections and harness this to effectively convey your message. Aligning your brand with 88.5FM taps into the emotional bond we have established with our listeners. This can lead to higher brand recall and a stronger influence on consumer behavior compared to other marketing efforts.

Additionally, our team of experts will collaborate with you to create underwriting messages that resonate with our audience. Whether it’s through carefully crafted messages, sponsorships, or innovative marketing strategies, we’re here to ensure that your support is acknowledged and appreciated by our listeners.

In summary, underwriting with 88.5FM means forming a partnership with a trusted media ally, accessing a loyal and diverse audience, and leveraging the emotional impact of radio to create a lasting impression on your target market.