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“Not how long, but how well you have lived is the main thing.” ~ Seneca


“SOAR with Coach Karren” is an energizing and empowering radio show hosted by the dynamic Dr. Karren Todd, airing every Wednesday at 12 noon. This show is dedicated to inspiring listeners to reach their full potential, focusing on personal empowerment and motivation.

Dr. Karren Todd, with her vibrant personality and profound expertise in personal development, brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the airwaves. Each episode of “SOAR with Coach Karren” is packed with empowering insights, practical advice, and inspiring stories aimed at motivating listeners to break through barriers and achieve their dreams.

The show typically kicks off with Dr. Todd sharing an invigorating message or a powerful quote, setting a positive and uplifting tone. She then dives into various topics related to self-improvement, such as goal setting, overcoming obstacles, building self-confidence, and harnessing inner strength. Dr. Todd’s approach is both practical and inspirational, providing listeners with tangible strategies to apply in their daily lives.

Throughout the show, Dr. Todd often interviews special guests – ranging from successful entrepreneurs to renowned motivational speakers – who share their personal journeys of transformation and success. These conversations are not only enlightening but also serve as a source of encouragement for listeners facing similar challenges.

Audience participation is a key component of “SOAR with Coach Karren.” Dr. Todd encourages her listeners to call in with their questions and stories, creating a supportive and interactive community. She often ends the show with a motivational challenge or a thought-provoking question, leaving her audience inspired and ready to tackle the rest of their week with renewed vigor and determination.

Broadcast on the vibrant waves of the radio, “SOAR with Coach Karren” is more than just a show; it’s a weekly dose of empowerment, a catalyst for change, and a community for those aspiring to soar to greater heights in their personal and professional lives.

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