(NYT) The text-messaging app has always been the most-used app on my phone. It’s fun and efficient, and it’s often a quicker way to get a response than sending an email or making a phone call.

Yet, even as Apple delivered a slew of new text-messaging features in a software update this week — and as Google has made improvements to its Android messenger app over the years, like adding colorful emojis — texting still leaves much to be desired.

Apple’s latest software system, iOS 16, which was released on Monday, includes enhancements to its iMessage app. Texts can now be edited after they are sent to scrub out embarrassing typos; a message can also be retracted. Google’s Messages app for Android has tools that automatically generate responses to texts.

These changes help us sidestep awkward situations and save time, but they don’t address a larger societal problem: Texting is distracting, demanding and, at least at times, stressful.

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