After more than two decades in the spotlight, the 28-year-old is ready for the next chapter, which includes her most high-profile role yet: the lead in top-secret sci-fi horror movie Nope. Here, Palmer talks to Glamour about working with Jordan Peele, the joys of being a multihyphenate, and the challenges that come with stardom.

The feeling that comes with watching Keke Palmer succeed is a difficult thing to articulate with words. It’s Alasia Ballard finding out she got saved on America’s Next Top Model. It’s watching Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama share a double fist bump during the 2021 inauguration. It’s Taraji P. Henson’s embrace with Viola Davis at the 2015 Emmy Awards. It’s the understanding that there were quiet battles experienced, endured, and fought. It’s a feeling of unfiltered camaraderie because no one champions a Black woman like another Black woman.