After 8 years of streaming all MSCS graduations, we are thrilled to announce that this year, we are taking our graduation ceremonies to a whole new level by streaming all of them live on YouTube. This decision marks a significant moment in our school district’s history as we pivot towards a more inclusive and accessible model for celebrating the remarkable achievements of our students.

By live-streaming our graduation ceremonies on YouTube, we are ensuring that everyone, no matter where they are located, can partake in these special moments. This method bypasses geographical constraints and travel restrictions, allowing families from all over the world to celebrate this milestone with their loved ones.

The best part is after the graduation, we are offering the graduations to students and their families absolutely free. This means that every single graduate can share the unforgettable experience of walking across the stage, no matter where their families and friends may be located. They can relive the moment, sharing the joy and pride of this achievement time and again.

By streaming through YouTube, we are also offering an ad-free experience to keep the focus entirely on the graduates. The stream will be easy to access and share, and the video will remain available even after the ceremony concludes, allowing for infinite replays.

Our vision with this initiative is to make this special day as inclusive and memorable as possible.

We encourage our students to share the YouTube link with their loved ones and invite them to join us in celebrating this momentous occasion. Together, we can create a global celebration that truly honors the hard work and dedication of our graduating class.

Please visit this link.